Just sent our embryos to their parents-to-be!


My husband and I were so lucky to have our twin boys through our first round of IVF. We found a wonderful couple on Miracles Waiting, and just sent them our 6 frozen blasts. I am just so happy that we decided to do this, and wanted to offer to help anyone who is considering donation or adopting embryos.


I just wanted to commend you on your willingness to share your embryos. Words seems to fall short when trying to comment on what a an amazing and life changing gift you are giving these deserving individuals. :flower:


Congratulations! My family was built through embryo donation. I was so blessed to find my donors and to have them pick me. We have an open donation and it is WONDERFUL! The kids will know their biological heritage and the donor family gets to see my little family grow and know every day what a gift they brought to this world. We are now a big extended family! Words fail in expressing the gratitude felt at this amazing gift. It is a hard road to travel because so few have travelled it before and some do not understand it but it is so worth it. I also donated the remaining embryos I had to another woman so she could build her family and now we are all connected through love.


How wonderful of you and your husband! Congratulations on your happy family, and thank you for being so selfless to another couple. I hope they have the success you did!:cheer: