Just started letrozole


I have been on clomid for a while and it was not working so they took me off of that and put me on letrozole and there going to be doing the trigger shot and also iui my nerves are a little crazy right now bc of it can anyone please give me some insight on these things like the diff. sides effects you have with that and not with clomid or vise versa


I never took Clomid so I can’t compare that for you, however w/ Letrozole I never had any side effects. I think I got a slight headache around the same time every day initially but it was easily taken care of with Tylenol. I’ve heard that Clomid has numerous, crazy side effects, but like I said I had nothing with Letrozole! Good luck to you!


thank you the only thing i have noticed is hot flashes which is on of the same thing that i had with clomid but no mood swings like clomid thank god