Just starting to think about names...


Hi everyone. Wow, the whole idea of being responsible for giving someone else their name. DH bought a baby name book that has more than 5000 names listed! How overwhelming!! I don’t know how anyone actually decides this. I think it’s a bit early to decide on a name, but it’s interesting to think about it… and to see where DH and I differ on the ideas we have for what a good name is! We have a very long and Polish last name… I’d like to make sure that our baby’s name is short and less ethnic. My husband likes a lot of slavic names. I saw ‘Sophia’ and told my MIL that I liked that name. She said that gave her chills because just a few hours before she and my FIL were in the baby store buying a present for my BIL’s girlfriend who is pregnant and due in Feb - well my FIL picked up a sippy cup and said to my MIL ‘You know what name I like?’ Then he showed her the cut and the name was… you guessed it Sophia! She thinks it’s a sign… I’m not sure but I do like that name. Anyway, I just wondered if anyone else had trouble figuring out what to name their baby.


Melissa -
This site gives you good info about how popular name is - 2009 top names: girls. Sounds like you have a unique and complicated last name, so it probably doesn’t matter as much to you. I have a common one syllable name, so I try to find something outside the top 50 or top 100.


Girl names were pretty easy for us because within the year before we got married DH mother died as did my grandmother, so we altered their names a little, but basically used their names. Boy names were much harder. It was actually kind of fun trying to decide. We’d be sitting at dinner, and all of a sudden he would say “Sean.” And I would say “no, we know that weird guy named Sean.” Then we would go back to talking about work or whatever we were talking about.

It is overwhelming. I really like the name Sophia. Wouldn’t it be great if your DH likes it too and you pick something that quickly.


It’s true, it is fun but it’s also such a hard thing to decide! DH does really like Sopia - do that’s what we are going to go with if it’s a girl. Sophia Marie (Marie was my Grandmother’s middle name.)
The boy name is still up in the air. We both kind of like Aiden & Jacob but I’m not set on either one yet.


Sophia is beautiful and you would have a great story to tell the baby on how they got their name


Thanks Angie! :slight_smile: I have my level II u/s today (assuming they don’t cncl because of the snow storm we are getting hit with today!!) so I hope that we will know either way - boy or girl. We are definitely set on the girl name - Sophia Marie… the boy is still up in the air but I like Aiden and Jacob.