Just wanted to share 4 ectopic both tubes gone


Me 24
Dh 29
Fur baby 4

First :bfp: June 08 ectopic body absorbed baby
2nd :bfp: Dec 08 ectopic left tube removed Jan 09 at 6 weeks:lil:
3rd :bfp: June 09 suspected ectopic no baby in uterus ANC body absorbed baby???
4th and final :bfp: sept 2010 confirmed ectopic right tube removed oct 22 :grr:

We are planning ivf to start in July 2011 we are vary hopfull the specialist thinks that we will get our ivf baby the first try because we can concive and have a health :bfp:
But they just never get past my tubes well now I only halve half a tube so I can’t get :bfp: on our own. I ovulate on my own and dh sperm is good so we are fertile yay for that.
I am so sad though I feel like I am half a women I can’t give my husband children Omg!
I am excited about the ivf just not the cost. So expensive in Canada. But I know we will have a baby I just have to get broke to do it lol.
I am sorry for any one who has to go thru this.
Baby dust to all and I pray you don’t end up like me with 4 ectopics and both tubes gone :pray:
If any one need to talk about signs symptoms and or hevan forbid recovery time and ant other ectopic questions I am like a friggen book lol

I probably don’t sound sad or upset to you all but I am and I just think of it as fine invetro it is at least I’ll never get a 5 th ectopic right and god premitting I get my next bfp with ivf in the right spot.


Natascha-:grouphug: I know exactly how you feel. I had 3 ectopics and lost both tubes. I live in Canada also and know how expensive IVF is. But if you have bilateral tubal obstruction part of the cost of the procedure is covered by OHIP. My DH and I like you were fertile otherwise and conceived our DD with our first cycle of IVF. So hopefully the same will happen for you! Good luck and God Bless!


natascha, I’m so sorry! I had 2 ectopics (one with IVF) and lost both tubes as well. It sucks but you have the right attitude, stay strong! xoxo


Thanks So Much Ladies.


how are you guys doing???


I know this is an older thread, but hopefully someone will see this post.

This might seem like a silly question - but if you have both tubes removed that means there is no possible way you can have another ectopic with IVF - right?

I just took methotrexate for my first ectopic and I am SO worried that we are going to have another one. We just finished our 3rd round of IVF and have 2 snowbabies waiting for us. I am worried that they will end up ectopic too (we are going to do a frozen transfer with both in April). We are ALL out of money and insurance so we cannot afford to do anymore IVF cycles (this is our last shot). My egg quality is not good so we are not going to try on our own. We had our embryos genetically tested with IVF because we have a high % of genetically bad embryos.


recent ectopic

HI All! I know this is an older post but I hope someone reads it…I wanted to send my best wishes and thoughts to you all. I am sort-of in the same boat…Last week I was scheduled to have a tubal cannulation to unblock my left tube. WELL, that all changed when I took an HPT 4 days before the procedure b/c I was bleeding and it was POSITIVE. I couldn’t believe it, but turns out my HCG levels were only going up a very small amount, lining very thin (5) and progesterone dropping. U/S showed no sac in uterus so RE suspected ECTOPIC and I had methotrexate injection…I am scared b/c they think this ectopic was in my “good” tube. DO u think I should just move onto IVF? I am confused though, I have read that some ppl have ectopics even with IVF, how is that possible?
ANy feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Hi everyone!! I know this is also an older thread…I just wanted to share a little about my experience in hopes it will help someone.
I am now starting my Ist IVF June/July because of 2 eptopic pregnancies. With the 1st one the tube was removed. I was very young and didn’t know I was pg. I was told I would have a hard time getting pg again. I then had my dd 5 years later. I found out I was pg and was immediatley scared. I told the RE I needed to get in as soon as I could that it could possibly be an eptopic pregnancy. I was having some cramping but nothing major and no spotting. I was relieved that I was really pg and I was going to have a baby!! My dd is my miracle baby after the Re told me that I most likely wouldn’t ever get pg. Then about 5 years later I got pg again and it was eptopic. I was so scared and had to have the tube removed. The re said most was removed so I am still scared of having another eptopic. I have been with my Dh for more than 5 years and have not been able to get pg on our own so we are now doing IVF and I am so thankful that we can actually do this!!
Although I was very down about why do we have to pay so much money to have our baby and many people do not! Only God knows the answer to this. I do know he turns bad into good so I know he is up there smiling saying you finally are taking the opportunity!! With only his help and love this will be possible for us!! It’s in his hands now!!
I think you can have an eptopic with IVF also bc the baby can move when first in the uterus. I had a thing called placenta previa when I first found out I was pg and that’s prob why I had cramping. The baby had planted itself on my cervix when it should plant up high in the uterus. My baby moved and everything was ok. But if your baby does not move you would need a Csection bc if not you could bleed to death. So in the case of IVF the baby can still move and sometimes into the tubes. Now if you have no tubes I’d think there wouldn’t be a problem but I am not sure if you have a partial tube left. I would ask if really concerned.

My sweet angel babies:wings: :wings:and my beatiful dd now 13 years old:flower: