Killing time in the 2ww


I’m sure its not just me but why does time slow down in the 2ww. What do you ladies do to pass the time? I feel like the last 2 days should have been 2 weeks. I ordered some HPT’s online and they will get here tomorrow so I can test out my trigger which I’m hoping will help feel like time is passing faster. I’m trying not to stress but I need something to keep me occupied, any ideas?


I read or catch up on shows via Netflix. I also started doing monthly meal planning and try to schedule it during my 2ww so that takes up about 3 - 4 days. Pinterest helps with stuff to do for me, although DH really hates Pinterest, lol.


I love Korean shows on Netflix! I don’t know why! Especially the romantic comedy series. They’re so cute… I get stupidly into them!


Netflix it is :flower: Thanks.