Kind of a dumb question, but...if you get one mature follie w/ both Femara & injects


…why would you conceive w/ injectables and not Femara? Could it be a stronger O? Better quality egg? Just curious, as I did several Femara cycles and O’d on most but didn’t conceive, but I did conceive on my first round of Gonal-F (but sadly it ended in a chem pg). I did have 2 mature follies that cycle; I just triggered today on a Follistim/Gonal-F cycle but only had 1 mature follie this time (17.7mm, roughly the same size as my Femara follies were). So basically I’m just looking for some hope (I was hoping for 2-3 good follies to up my chances!), and wondering if last cycle just happened to be “my” cycle (i.e., would I have conceived last cycle if I had used Femara again instead of Gonal-F?), or if it had to do with the injectables being the variant. TIA! :slight_smile:


From what my RE told me, it produces a better quality of egg. Wishing you all the best! :flower: