Kind of worried


Hey ladies,

I had my IUI on Nov 18, and when the doctor was inserting the speculum he tried for 5 min to make it work then wound up using anouther one that slid right in. My problem is I’m still sore down there, it’s uncomfortable when I sit and it feels kinf of swollen. Have any of you still had discomfort down there a week after? Sorry if it’s too much information.

BTW Happy Thanksgiving!


I never have, maybe call your doctor and see what they say. I would imagine it would be sore if he had trouble inserting the first one.


At my 2nd IUI they had a problem with the speculum and used a different one. it was somewhat painful, and i felt funny for the rest of the day down there. But nothing that lasted that long. You might want to call your RE’s office or go in for a check. Good luck!