Known Donor


i wanted to share this link,

The Sperm Bank With The Most
“Willing To Be Known” Donors

(please give your future children a choice of knowing)


Increasingly, programs require donors and recipients to meet with a counselor trained in dealing with issues of third-party reproduction to assess and help prepare the parties for the process of egg donation. The counselor can give guidance about resources for support and education, and can also raise issues about the short and long-term implications of the donation. This is an important part of the process, and discussing these issues early on can help avert problems in the future. One important concern for the donor and recipient couple to discuss is the issue of privacy vs. openness, especially if the donor is a relative. The more in agreement they are about how open they will be and with whom – as well as what the expectations are of the donor’s future relationship with the child – the better. When family members or friends know about the donation it can be difficult to keep it a secret. Family secrets can potentially have a deleterious effect on the couple’s relationship with their child. It can be useful for the donor and recipient to “try on” as much as possible, different scenarios that may arise. That’s how my doctor at Bio tex would have kept it.


Thanks for sharing this link with us. Our clinic offers 3D photos and short introductive videos with their donors. We were able to see our intended donor from all the angles. Also we could get some info from her profile. It included info about her family, degree, hobbies, preferences, interests etc. Too much info to tell she’s anonymous lol. Graceful for all those things provided.