L-Arginine - how long, how much, when to stop taking?


Hi - we are doing a donor embryo transfer June 14th and this is our 2nd time. Last time, they had to extend my transfer date a week, and give me extra estrogen because my lining was too thin. Even after that week, it was barely at 7mm (some measurements read below).

So, this time around I’ve cut out all processed sugar, caffeine, I’m taking pre-natals, and I’ve started L-arginine. My question is, how much should I be taking and when should I stop? Should I continue after the transfer until I go in for my beta? Should I take it the first trimester?



Good luck to you!

What is the l-argenine for?


Thanks :slight_smile: It’s to help with blood flow - helps with uterine lining. Last time my lining was thin - so I want it nice and plump this time!