Lab results...please help


I completed my blood work on CD4 instead of CD3. I won’t be able to discuss with my doctor until November 9th. Thanks

Estradiol 38
LH 1.6
FSH 3.7
TSH 0.825
Glucose levels- normal
Not IR

My chart shows that I ovulate every month but never had a progesterone test to prove it. My ovaries are polycystic. My cycles are between 29-31 days. How does my LH # affect my ability to conceive even though my FSh # is great? Does the low # mean lack of strong ovulation? Is there any alternative supplements to improve LH? My internalist refuses to put me on Metformin because of possible birth defects.



I use this website to self-interpret my bloodwork…

Hormone Levels & Fertility Bloodwork - Fertility Plus