Labial Adhesions?


We had our 4 month appt today and the pediatrician saw that my daughter has labial adhesions. Its where the labias stick together and ultimatley close up her vagina and urethra. She said its not a compete blockage and just to use a qtip with vaseline on her to help prevent the closing.
Ive done some reading online and it can get so sever that it can close up completely and cause UTIs or block her from peeing.
Anyone have any experience on this?


They said the same thing to me at her 4 month appointment. I never did the qtip thing because everytime I looked after that, it was all fine.


it’s quite common in little girls. nothing really to worry about. you can do the qtip thing. sometimes the dr will prescribe an estrogen cream to apply to it that helps make it shrink and eventually go away. if it persists, once a girl hits puberty, the natural estrogen will make it go away.

rarely they do surgery to cut it, but it often scars back together.

much better to just leave it alone.