Ladies... help on this one too


As I shared yesterday… my beta was good for first one… today I woke up with really sore breasts, (which has been the case for about a week and a half)… well by 8am they were hardly sore at all… is this a bad sign?


I’m not sure what procedure you had, but I’m assuming you are on progesterone?
If you are breast tenderness is a side effect of the medication. And at this point, any side effects you have are more than likely from medications and not from pregnancy. The levels of hcg in your body are what trigger pregnancy side effects, and if you just had your 1st beta yesterday those levels aren’t high enough yet.

So to make a long story short, don’t be alarmed when things like sore/swollen boobs comes and goes :slight_smile:

Congrats on your BFP!


I am on progesterone and estradiol… my first beta at 13 days post transfer… it was 262… so you say, still ok?


in my (non-medical background & only basing what I say on what I’ve learned from my experience and that of my friends) opinion…yes you are more than ok :slight_smile: I definitely think what you experienced is from the progesterone. Its one of the 1st side effects listed on the drug. And that it comes and goes has no bearing on the pregnancy it is just your body dealing with the medications. Same with when pregnancy side effects kick in (IF they do) they will come and go as well as your body learns to deal with them.

I want to say that you beta has to be over 5000 before they can see anything on an u/s and I want to say it is levels of that magnitude that if you are going to have MS is when it will start. (around 4-5 weeks)


Sore breasts are definitely from the progesterone. I think sometimes they come and go as your body gets used to a certain level of hormones or as they fluctuate. The pain will most likely return. Or maybe it won’t. Everyone and every pregnancy is different and throwing supplements into the mix changes everything as well.

Congrats on your pregnancy. May you have a happy and healthy 9 months.


Thanks ladies! this site has been a godsend… really appreciate all your help!


Just to add to what everyone else mentioned…

I had sore breasts with almost every medicated TTC cycle, even ones without progesterone supplements because the meds just help you make more on your own, I think. The difference with BFP cycles for me was that instead of the breasts getting less sore around 10-11dpo, they’d get more sore. This BFP, I have been on progesterone supplements and I’ve had sore bbs since probably 4dpo…but I had one day around 8 or 9 wks when they just quit being sore…I kept checking to see if they were sore and they just weren’t. I panicked, of course, but all returned to normal soreness the next day. Like the other ladies said, it’s just our bodies adjusting to the hormones and the symptoms really do come and go. Good luck with everything! Sounds to me like you have a healthy one growing in there.


that was great information to have! I really appreciate your response.