Lap after unexplained diagnosis?


I just finished a monitored natural cycle and everything came back normal -including hsg, endometrial biopsy, and saline ultrasound. My Dr. now recommends a laparoscopy. Has everyone else had this? I am wondering if it is standard protocol. If so, did anyone have anything show up on yours?



Hi LisaRH,
I am scheduled for a laproscopy in two weeks and can’t find much on here (although I’m new and don’t know my way around the site yet). Anyway, did you have your laproscopy? Did they find anything? I have been through about 6 months of treatments already (Clomid, IUI) - our RE’s standard protocol is to give these things a try for 4-6 months before moving on to lap, then injectables, then IVF.
Good luck to you in your journey!!


Recent Lap

My RE’s standard diagnostics included the blood/semen work, a vaginal ultrasound, an HSG and then a lap. Because they found nothing in the previous tests - and, frankly, because my insurance covered it - I had the lap. They found mild endometriosis and one little cyst (not really enough to say that’s “THE” reason for my infertility, but it didn’t help), both of which were taken care of while they were in there. Honestly, the HSG caused me more problems than the lap. I could have gone back to work two days after the lap and it [I]did[/I] find something, so I am glad I did it. Plus, they use lasers to remove the endo stuff and how can you turn down something that involves lasers?!? (I think deep down inside, I might just be a 12-year-old boy.)

Hope that helps - now I’m on my first (hopefully last) Clomid/IUI cycle. Having the full panel of diagnostic stuff done makes me feel much more confident that we’re making the right choices for the treatment. Good luck to you!