Lap surgery and RE


Hi all,

I started in the Clomid forum, but after 3 rounds of :bfn: , my OBGYN is wanting me to have lap surgery. I’m going to make an appt with an RE, but I wasn’t sure if I should just get the surgery out of the way. I’m not ovulating on my own and had endometriosis when I was a teenager (about 10 years ago). Is this something I should check with an RE about in regards to the surgery? Would it be better for an RE to do or is my OBGYN ok? I’m so confused and broken after :af: came a day late this month. Feeling pretty hopeless…

Thanks for all your input!


[FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’][SIZE=3]Due to insurance coverage my RE referred me to my OBGYN. [/SIZE][/FONT]


Well you already know what your Ob/Gyn thinks so why not get an RE’s opinion and then make a decision from there. In my opinion if you can have the RE do the surgery then that is the route I would go since they have more expertise in this area. It is also possible that the RE may have other things they can do to avoid surgery so it would be good to at least have their thoughts first before making a decision one way or another.

I had my OB/Gyn do my Lap and found out from my RE after switching that the surgery was unnecessary and wasn’t done as the RE would have done it anyway so…my OB/Gyn also failed to note in the surgical notes that he had checked my tubes to see if they were clear so my RE ended up redoing that which was not fun. My surgery would have been paid for regardless of which Doc I saw since it was considered diagnostic, but that too is something you will want to look into if you decide to move forward with the surgery.

My Ob/Gyn also missed that I had elevated prolactin and TSH too so it really benefited me to switch to the RE and in my opinion is why we are pregnant now.

It just doesn’t hurt to get an RE’s opinion. You don’t have to make a decision until you gain perspectives from both Docs first and then you can go with what makes the most sense to you and what Doc you feel more comfortable with going with and which one you believe will get you to the goal of a successful pregnancy.

Good Luck! :flower:



Go to either but get a Lap hysteroscopy since you have had endo. I was diagnosed with dysmennorhea at 17. I was diagnosed feb. this year with endo had surgery last week. I had endo and Adenomyosis.
They thought I had a fibroid and it wasn’t it was a ball full of endo. Endo comes back within a year only treatment is surgery it don’t just “go away”


Well guys, I did it! Had my lap done this past Friday and found stage 3 endo with cysts on my ovaries. Removed/lasered both and I’m feeling pretty good! Anyone have any :bfp: stories after lap surgery?