Laparoscopic surgery this Thursday the 8th. Very nervous!



I am 29 years old and trying to conceive for 8+.
I am having the blue dye procedure and getting checked for endometriosis and also getting my uterus line scrapped because I have a very thick uterus line due to pcos. I am very nervous and down because this is the first step I tried to finally find out what I can due to have a baby. This weekend was a little tuff for me because my cousin was giving birth and she wanted me to be there with her and finding out two friends/ coworkers in my department are also pregnant. I feel so emotional and guilty for feeling bad but is just I can’t stop thinking why me? When I love kids sooo much when I see so much mothers treat their child so bad. I am a little scared and nervous about this surgery and about having that robotic machine checking my insides? Has anyone have this done ? Thanks a lot for your support.


I had the surgery for endo back in 2011. It’s very quick and painless. For me the worst part was getting the needle for the IV–I don’t have normal veins so they put it in my wrist. Enough said.
The surgery itself was very quick and they were able to remove the endo and cysts that I had. A year later I was pregnant. Even though you’re scared, the hopeful reward for doing this, a baby, is so worth it. You will make out just fine :slight_smile:


Hey Grosario,
I did this surgery at the beginning of the year. Similar, I am also 29, and didn’t know if I had endometriosis. I also incorporated the blue dye test to this. Turns out I had mind endo. Who would have thought?!?!?! It started me on a new wave of hope (that maybe it’s the endo that was causing all my trouble) which has been really good for my mental health.
It was a fast surgery, and I healed quite quickly. My pain was all in my chest and back for about three days after. (they blow you up with air, and all the air needs to go somewhere) Other then that pain, it was definitely worth it.

Good luck!


Thank you very mucha for your Advice :pray: