HI Ladies,

I would like to hear your stories if you or someone you know has had a laparoscopy. I had my beta today for my first IUI and it was bfn. Everything looked good on paper. IE: good follicles, ok lining, good sperm count and motility. Anywho, my RE has scheduled me to have a laparoscopy in the next couple weeks.

I want to give some background info so maybe it can help with the questions I am going to ask. In 2004 I was involved in a near death auto/pedestrian accident. The car that hit me was going in excess of 35 mph. The main surgery I had to have was a lumbo-sacral fusion. They had to fuse my spine to my pelvis. I also had to have four subsequent surgeries because I got an infection and ended up on IV antibiotics for two months. I still have all the hardware in my lower back and pelvis region. My RE doesn’t think any of this should be causing me infertility, but she can’t rule it out without looking inside. I am wondering what made you or someone you know decide to have a laparoscopy? Did they find anything? If they did, was it treated? Were you able to conceive after?

Thank you in advance for all your support.

FYI: I am TERRIFIED of being put under and having surgery. When I was in the hospital for my auto/pedestrian accident, they left a sponge in during my first surgery. YIKES!!


Well I had a lap in April 2010, but it was for a completely different reason. Mine was to treat endo and to check that my tubes were clear. I was also terrified before the surgery. For you though, the lap should be cake compared to what you have been through! The recovery period for me was longer than expected but I think I tried to go back to work too quick. I had some reaction from the medications that they used to put me out… but you shouldnt have the same problem since you have already had several surgeries. Basically for me, it was just severe muscle pain for a few days after the surgery.

But I was definitely more concerned before the surgery than I needed to be. It was very simple and quick. I would rather have them put me out for my next dental appointment! ha ha… Anyway, you will be fine… its really an easy surgery. I havent gotten pregnant yet so I can answer to that. But for me they had to do the surgery because its the only way to definitively diagnosis endo and you have to do it to treat the endo anyway, so it was an easy decision for me. Hope this helps!:grouphug:


I just had a lap at the end of August this year. I am so happy that I decided to go thru with it. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

I started having right side pain about a year prior to surgery…pain so severe I had a revoliving script of pain meds in case the pain would stike.

They found that I had stage 4 endo which caused my ovaries to be attached to bowel and uterus. They told me that without the corrective surgery I never would have gotten prego.

As far as it working… I do not know yet… but I can tell you that I no longer need the pain meds!!

As far of pain… they did have to make 4 incisions and I was in some pain for about 2 weeks… Hard to sit up and even move to much for the 1st week… But I would do it all over again to be painfree and hopefully prego :slight_smile: Best of Luck to you!!


I also had lap, for endo and general poking around. Great decision, just wish I had done it years ago :slight_smile: I had a very easy time after the surgery… it was done 7am on Friday, I was up and around easily after the surgery and lounged around the house for 4-5 days. Returned to work and didn’t have any issues or pain, but it did feel like my uterus was heavy… don’t really know how else to explain it.

The biggest draw-back of the surgery is my belly button, lol. there is a little crease in it now, from being stitched up, and I have to be careful to dry it out completely. It’s strange, but whatever. RE said it was not uncommon.



Thank you so much for sharing your stories with me. It sounds that all 3 of you had some symptoms prior to having it done, but it has worked out great for all of you. I am hoping it can give my DH & I some answers and can see if everything is ok in there. I’m going to talk to my OB tomorrow and see if she does them. I would feel much more comfortable with her, since I’ve been with her for over 2 years.

:babydust: to you and I :pray: you get your :bfp: soon.


I did forget to say that my advice is to take it easy afterwards. My doc said you can go back to work in 48 hours, but that was really too soon for me. Expect a week off work and use it as an excuse to lounge around the house without feeling guilty. :slight_smile: Also, schedule it sooner rather than later. I scheduled mine as quickly as I could as soon as I knew I had to do the surgery but I was still suffering with anxiety for almost a week. Again the anxiety was silly in retrospect, but its kinda hard to control anyways. Again, the quicker you get it done the less you have to worry about it. And I too have gotten rid of most of my endo pain, but this clomid has brought it back ten-fold! Oh well its worth it!