Last FET?


Anyone else in here going on their last FET cycle? I just recently got my third negative after starting with a fresh ivf cycle in June, and two frozen since then. We only have enough embryos and cash left for one more shot. Just feeling a bit helpless and majorly depressed and was looking for some hope from either those who succeeded on their last attempt or those that can relate.


After 4 failed FET cycles this year, we got pregnant with twins on our last FET!! I am also friends IRL with 2 people who also had twins on their last FET! They really don’t know which embryos will grow into babies…my new RE says it’s just a beauty contest :slight_smile:

Good Luck!!


I just wanted to wish you luck as well! It can and does happen all the time. We have 7 embryos left, and our RE says you just never know which one will be the baby, but she believes one is in there somewhere! There is hope! My friend from church had her twins on her last attempt. They had two embryos left and transfered both and both took!!! Good luck!


We only had enough money for one fresh cycle. I was so hopeful that it would work, but it didn’t. After that, we literally [I][B]scraped[/B][/I] the money together for a FET, and we only had one 6-day blast frozen. ONE! I put all my hope and prayers into that one little one… and it worked!

Believe! Miracles happen every single day! :cheer:

Good luck!