LATE IUI?- day 22-24??? pls help


Hello, I would love some input. I went in today for an u/s on CD 15 and my follies are still very small. I was told to come back next week to see if they grow and if I develop a lead follicle.

I am on 100mg clomid which is what I got pregnant on several years ago. I guess I am responding differently last time as I had my IUI on day 17 last time.

Do you think this cycle has any potential or would you cancel and try next cycle with a higher clomid dosage?

Any ever have an IUI this late ??

Thank you!!


Hi there. This was my fourth cycle on femara. My first iui was on cd 14, my second was on cd 16 and my third cycle was timed intercourse due to a holiday. This cycle I did not develop anything with the femara, so I started injections. Because I have pcos my doc started me on a low dose, and nothing happened. She had to increase it 4 times before I finally grew a follicle. I ended up having my iui this past Saturday, on around cd 30. I was kind of nervous about continuing the cycle but my doc pretty much insisted to not give up even though it was late in the cycle. Good luck.


I’ve had both my IUI’s on CD 19 and 20. GOOD LUCK!!!


I had my iui on cd 20. I had a slow growing “lead” follicle and 2 much smaller follicles. Unfortunately it ended as a chemical pg. I don’t count it as a complete failure though. Hoping for better results next time.