Late September Early October IUI buddies


Saw the September board buy wanted to see if some others wanted to join me here since I’m only on CD8 and an IUI isn’t likely until end of the month with 2WW in October. I’m an old member returning now and not sure if it’s my mobile or the site has changed but I’m trying to figure out where my signature went! Anyhow… I’m on follistim which I have responded to before (slowly). My doc is a chicken and he’s had me on 75 all week which has me at no response. Just had u/s and bloodwork and awaiting their call for the dose increase. Let’s see how it goes!


Welcome Back Looking! Yep, they changed the hole thing. The site was down for days while they re-did it. Good Luck this month. We’ve been stuck just doing natural cycles since July because of finances.


We’re doing an unmedicated IUI this cycle - which will probably fall around the very end of September or beginning of October.


*whole, not hole, lol


Hi Pdot and Essemkay! I remember Pdot from a few months ago and ess from years ago! Good luck with both your cycles… This is moving slowlyyyy for us. Finally u/s showed some growth but just 2 , one at 15 and one 13…


Hi Ladies. I’m CD 9 and 7 days of FSH stimming. Hoping for some follie growth tomorrow. Last IUI I didn’t trigger until CD 14 with procedure on CD16, so I just have to be patient and hope for growth. If all goes well, I’ll be triggering on the weekend and then the 2WW begins. Good luck ladies!


[B]Gingerh7777[/B], hope those follicles are growing!

We’re doing an unmedicated cycle, so I’m going in on Saturday (CD12) to see what’s going on. Hopefully, there will be enough growth that we can decide when to trigger and do the IUI - but since I don’t usually ovulate on my own until CD16 or 17 (although they’ve always triggered me for medicated IUIs and IVF around CD11), I don’t expect to see much.


Ginger how was your u/s? Any growth? My 2 little follies jumped from 15 and 13 to 19 and 17. Doc upped dose today to 125 (good thing bc that’s the exact amount I have left in the vial!) then back tomorrow for u/s and b/w (my poor arms, I don’t remember getting so bruised last time) and IUI Friday or Saturday! Ah!


Looking good! I had a 1.2 and 1.1 on Tuesday and I’m heading to my next US and bloodwork tomorrow! I’m CD 12 tomorrow so expecting another two mire days of stimming. Slow and steady! Good luck ladies! Grow follies!


Nice ginger! Sounds good!! I’m here at RE now for u/s and b/w again and he said my 2 look ready to go today! He asked me to get DH and bring him down! AH! I’ve never done this without ovideral! How will I know if I really ovulated???


Big growth! I’m at 1.6 and 1.3 with my LH at 10 and estrogen at 1050, at CD 12. I’m back in tomorrow for more bloodwork and ultrasound. They don’t want to miss the surge, so trigger could likely be tomorrow! Yaaay! IUI on the weekend! I’m a teacher, so being out of class for three mornings this week is a lot. The things we do! Glad to hear everyone’s moving along! Good luck everyone! Positive thoughts!


Well I’m hoping I’m in the right place here I’m in my 2 ww window from my 2nd iui on follistim @ 275 units which I would say it was a lot I ended up with 6 dominate follicles on left side ( which is my closed side ) and 4 on my rt I don’t feel anything this time last time was terrible pain but we found out I was loaded with cysts keeping my fingers crossed and I hope everyone get their bfp including myself :slight_smile:


[B]Gingerh7777[/B], wow - that was speedy. Your numbers sound great! Good luck!!

[B]Movalentin[/B], sounds like you have a terrific batch of follicles - hope there is a lucky egg in there for you!


I hope so we have been doing this four 4 years so far 3 before they found out my tube was closed


IUI #2 Complete! Now we wait. I surged on my own yesterday, so no trigger, just one last shot of FSH. My hubby is a bit down. His count was only 9 million but 95 % motility. Last time it was 23 million. Dr. Believes I had a follie at 1.9 and one at 1.5 yesterday, so two may have went when I ovulated today. Now I KNOW I felt that.Yikes! Just trying to stay positive despite hubby’s lower number. They only proceed at 7 million and up, so I’m hopeful! Good luck ladies!


Congrats on being PUPO, [B]Gingerh7777!

AFM, had blood work and ultrasound this morning. Since I’m doing an unmedicated cycle, just have the one follicle - it’s at 17, E2 is 132 and lining is 7.9. I go back on Monday for another look and will probably trigger Monday or Tuesday for IUI on Wednesday or Thursday.[/B]


Thanks! Looks like your numbers are nice too! Good luck Monday!


I’m surging on my own, so trigger shot tonight and IUI tomorrow morning!


Good luck!


How are you feeling?