Latest BFP that went on to healthy pregnancy?


I’m looking for a little hope here. Many ladies report getting a faint BFP as early as 10-11 days past their retreival date. I’m on day 12 now and still had 2 negative tests this morning. I’m looking for a little reassurance here.
If you tested daily and didn’t get your first BFP until after day 12, but went on to have good beta numbers and/or a healthy ultrasound, can you share your success story with me?


I’ve seen some live birth cycles with hCG so low on day 10 after blast transfer (15 or 16 days post retrieval) that they must have just barely begun to be BFPs on HPTs at that point. No way they were positive where you are at now. So yes, it is possible.


I don’t have a personal story, but I have heard many ladies that got late positives and had healthy babies! Good luck to you!