Left ovary not responding for 1st monitoring?


I’m on IVF #2 and at my first monitoring there wasn’t any measurable follicles on my left ovary, while my right ovary had 3-4 growing follies ranging in size from 10-14ish. At baseline, I had 5 antral follicles on my left and could use every one of them!

During IVF #1, my left ovary had a dominant follicle that showed up at the first monitoring (and grew huge by ER!). It completely hogged the meds, not allowing the others to grow at all on that side. While my right ovary stimmed very well. That cycle, though, I had a much higher antral follicle count compared to this cycle, with most on my right. This go around I’m not as lucky. So because of this, I’m worried my left side is never going to respond properly!

The one change in protocol that was made in this cycle was I took Ganirelix 4 days before starting stims to hopefully prevent a dominant again and it appears like it has worked.

Questions: Is there any hope that I could get some response from my left side for my next monitoring? I’m worried I will get canceled with so few follicles! Is there a suggested min. number of follicles to go to retrieval with? I’m OOP.

I’m looking forward to seeing my acupuncturist today and hopefully she can work her magic!..:pray:



Thanks! When the time gets closer, I’ll see what my RE says. At this point, I think I might stim 1 day longer than last time, which could be the result of the Ganirelix slowing things down a tiny bit, but we’ll see. Last time I stimmed for 8 days/16 doses. I also have low AMH.

Best of luck on your cycle!!!