Lesson learned - not to mix estrace tablets


I had been stocking up on estrace and for my last FET that ended up in chemical, I think I had taken the estrace tablets that were prescribed for the prior FET cycle to not waste them. I have also mix estrace tablets prescribed for current cycle with the tablets from previous cycle in one bottle.

Guess what I found today? The estrace tablets from cycle prior to the previous cycle was 1 mg and the tablets for the previous cycle was 2 mg. Aghhhh i hope that was not the cause of my chemical pregnancy because I was told to add two more additional pills daily during my last FET :(. I bet I must have done that.

Lesson learned: read labels! And don’t mix up prescriptions in one bottle!


I checked my current estrace tablets, also have lower strength (1 mg) than my fresh cycle’s estrace tablets (2 mg). OMG i can’t believe it.


i’m sorry. try not to dwell on it…i realized i was taking the wrong dosage of my thyroid meds while getting bfp—ended in miscarriage…so it was hard not to think that I had seriously messed up…

but yes, lesson learned. I double check my dosage every time I take it now :slight_smile: