Letrozole - 1st time


I have seen several people have taken or are taking Letrozole. This is my first time as my other attempts were with Clomid. Did any of you experience cramping with Letrozole? My RE upped my dosage of Metformin to 850mg 2x a day too so I cant tell if its the Metformin or the Letrozole giving me the cramps. They are on both sides too?


My wife was on Clomid 150mg (3 pills) a day for days 5-9… until it stopped working. She never had any symptoms from it. Our RE just changed her over to 10mg Letrozole / Femara per day on days 3-7, and she had hot flashes like crazy, but no cramping… She did have lots of cramping (and other really unpleasant symptoms) on metformin. The RE had her bump up from 1000mg a day to 2000mg a day - NOT a happy camper!