Letrozole cycle day 12 ultrasound...please help!


Hi ladies,

I had my cycle day 12 ultrasound today for letrozole. I have not had a period since the beginning of June. My RE did labs on 7/9 and decided to start me on letrozole that day and not induce a period with provera. I was told that even though it had been about 40 days since my last period, my lab work looked like I was still at the beginning of the cycle. I either have PCOS or hypothalamic amenorrhea (no RE seems to agree). I am on the tall side and thinner side (5’7 and 135lbs). I work out about 3-4 times a week. My RE told me to work out less and possibly gain weight at my consult back in May (which is odd to me because I consider myself a healthy weight and I don’t over-exercise). I only do yoga and walk my fabulous dog. I used to be a competitive runner, but have totally stopped running and gained weight since we are TTC.

Anyway, I started 5mg of letrozole for 5 days. I finished it on 7/13 and went in today for a follicle check ultrasound. I had lots of follicles on both ovaries (upwards of 25), but the biggest one was 12mm by 8mm and my lining was 5mg. I was told that my follicles need to get to 18mm and my lining needs to be at 8mm. Do you think there is still hope for me this cycle or is it a bust? Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I am waiting on a call from the RE once she gets my lab work back.

Thanks ladies. We have been TTC for a year, but we took a 3 month break from January to April due to my stress level. I was working 2 jobs and was involved in a bad car accident in January in which I was rear ended at a red light. My car was totaled and I got severe whiplash. We started TTC again this April and I was on 100mg of clomid, but didn’t produce any viable follicles (biggest was only 6mm). My OB sent me back to the RE. Also, I just started getting large zits/cystic acne under my chin. Has this happened to anyone else? My whole life I have had pretty clear skin (some occasional pimples, but nothing this big).

This process is getting very difficult. I am 28 years old and my husband is also 28. We are watching so many of our friends get pregnant and it just gets discouraging (even though I love my friends and their babies and I want the best for them…I just also want it for me). Any relies or advice would be great and much appreciated.