Letrozole to Clomid


Hi everyone,

So far I have done two cycles with Letrozole. 1st IUI had mature follicles at 19 and 16, 2nd had one mature follicle at 24.

So if this 2nd IUI is a BFN then my RE will switch me to Clomid. I am worried about the side effects and also the chance of twins. Any one gone this route and ended with BFP after switch?

Thanks, Dana


I don’t have much helpful to offer, but we are on a similar path. I am on my 2nd IUI with Letrozole and have one follicle at 23. I don’t actually know what the follicles looked like during first cycle had because they didn’t ultrasound after day 10 (when there were two follicles around 10, one in each ovary). We did the IUI at day 22, so there was no up-to-date follicle size.

It looks like we will be switching to Clomid as well - although we are talking about trying one more round of Letrozole. And of course, this is assuming that this round fails.

I’m a little nervous about the increased risk of twins, but I would much rather have twins than none! And the risk of higher-order multiples is still really small with Clomid.

Hopefully neither of us will have to deal with the decision to switch to Clomid - and this cycle will be the winner for us.


I hope so also. :bsv: for both of us.

:bsv: , Dana


Might be switching as well

Hi Ladies,
I had one large follicle for every cycle I did on 5 mg letrozole for 5 cycles. I am curious to know if I might have more than one follicle if I am on clomid. Can you please let me know the outcome!