I started Letrozole on day three of this cycle. On my day 12 check up u/s the Dr. said that I did not respond (very small follicles on 5mg). So he had me start Letrozole again on day 13-17 of this cycle (assuming 13 is my new day 3). Today is day 18 (or day 8) and I had brown spotting. Not enough to need a pad but enough that there was a good amount on TP. This has confused me because I have had Letrozole without inducing period in past but never spotted. I will call my Fertility specialist in the morning but just curious if anyone out there has experienced this. Also the Dr put me on vaginal estrogen on first cycle mentioned day 8 until I saw him on day 12. he said my lining was not thick enough. I am also curious about this because I am under the impression that Letrozole helps develop follicles into maturity by decreasing estrogen…so is taking Estrogen with it counterproductive? Sorry so long just have so many questions and office is closed for the evening.


I should mention that this midcycle dose was 7.5 mg which I have never taken before. I conceived my second daughter with a combination of 5mg Letrozole after Progesterone induced period and one shot of ovidrel. So needless to say I was shocked that 5mg worked cycle before last in developing follicles but didn’t the cycle after?


Went Monday and had a 12 mm follicle after the 7.5 Letrozole, then Friday it had grown to 15mm. This was not big enough for Dr so they told me to take Bravell injections for 3 days. It is not supplied in my state so the first vial was given to me by physicians office and a prescription was called to an overnight pharmacy. Talked to Pharmacy and next 2 doses for sat and today where due to arrive yesterday. Guess what never came…? I called Pharmacy and Fed ex and there was nothing they could do at this time. It was put in overnight priority with a weekday option not Saturday. I am so discouraged. The pharmacy concierge is supposed to call me in morning to see how they can “fix” this. How can they FIX this? I have ONE follicle that I have been nurturing with physician assistance and those shots were to give it the push it needed to hopefully make it big enough to trigger. I know I am venting and that the follicle may or may not of ever done anything but I held hope in that medicine. I know God has his plan so I have been trying to get myself out of the dumps. Maybe I did not need the shots this weekend and the One I recieved friday was enough. Guess I will find out in the morning.


Oh! BlessedwithCaitie, I would be pacing for the doorbell to ring! I’m so sorry- Amazon losing our package last week was one thing- but this! I am hoping that you have good news when you log on next time. Best wishes!


Thanks, I did have good news. My follicle had grown to 19 mm with the shot I received from my physicians office (and time of course). So my physician checked some labs and sent me home with another Bravelle shot to be taken last night and I took Ovidrel injection this morning. I try not to get my hopes up but it is hard not too. I think when dealing with this subject, hope is what keeps you going month to month with treatment. I will start progesterone supp Thursday night and then do a UPT after 11 days of that. As an end note, the pharmacy said they would take back and reimburse me for the shot that I will not have to give back to the physicians office.


Yay for follicle growing!

I always get my hopes up too. For a while when we first started trying, and then again when we first started getting treatments, I constantly thought I was pregnant. My hope isn’t that hyper every month like that anymore, but hope is general is always there. It keeps me going to. When I get let down, hope picks me right back up- which I’m grateful for.

Hoping your HOPE brings results! :slight_smile:


Update. Last treatment I took was the one mentioned here and without luck. Took a body break from all meds and started taking natural supplements. Will probably restart treatment in near future.


Any updates BlessedwithCaite?


Update: I did not try again after that cycle. I am attempting to try again.