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Don’t think of anything else just contact priest eka and purchase some of his herbal medication and your depression will go away. This was my state of mind when my doctor told me that i will not be able to concieve due to the Fibroid that was rolling in my family life and when i decide to reach out to the priest, and the priest told me what to do in other to get the medication. Eventually I receive all the Herbal medications that cure my Fibroid and give me the chance to become a proud mother: Eka is a great spiritualist, He did it for me, you can contact Eka on ([email protected]). If you are suffering from the following gynecology disease::

  1. Fibroid, Asthma, All STD, sinus infection, unexplain miscarriage

2.High Blood Pressure (herbs to reduce your BP within 7days)

  1. Infection, regular body pains (yeast infection),urine tract infection.

  2. Blockage from the fallopian Tube, Hepatitis

  3. Cyst from the ovaries, PCOS

  4. Unpleasant smell from the virginal, virginal itching

  5. Irregular menstruation

  6. Weakness of the penis (not able to have sex with your partner or inability to satisfy your partner sexually)

  7. Watering sperm (low sperm count) not able to get woman pregnant.

  8. Infertility for easy Conception…

  9. Skin diseases, Toilet infection and bad body odor…….Etc…

Simply contact the spiritualist DrEka on ([email protected]) to get his Herbal Medication to cure your disease and put yourself on a motherhood side of life…


This thread is great and I like reading your success stories. I don’t have experience of this but a few of my friend has the same issues. I love to share this forum to them. Thank you for posting.


[QUOTE=“Mccassen, post: 1870798, member: 88309”]This thread is great and I like reading your success stories. I don’t have experience of this but a few of my friend has the same issues. I love to share this forum to them. Thank you for posting.[/QUOTE]
Are you having unexplained infertility problems and you’ve done all you could yet no solution to the challenge. I had similar problem, I was afraid to talk about it at first. I read articles about celebrities who has faced similar problem I decided to discuss it with people. Mine was extreme but I got help when I finally decided to tell people about my problem. I was asked to contact Eka herbal center for herbal treatment to infertility. I contacted them they were ready to assist and offered some herbal medications which I took and eventually was able to conceive. It’s a long story, if you’ve been there ( fertility problem) you’ll understand what I’m talking about. If you need help contact.( [email protected] ).for assistance on how to cure infertility challenges. It worked for me and I believe this will go a long way in somebody’s life. Best of luck




Hi dear ladies!
My first IVF effort failed. Moreover, doctor said the problem related to my own eggs. So I started thinking about IVF with egg donor. So at first I really struglged getting a good clinic. I decided to search for the best and affordable clinics abroad. I was adviced that Ukraine is leading country in the field of infertility treatmnet. Plus there are no age limits for IVF.So I decided to try my luck with Babyboom clinic in Kiev. Actually my sister-in-law did stemm cells rejuvenation with this clinic.The first trial was already a success. I wish I would have known earlier about the clinic. Babyboom offers high quality services and prices are attractive. My personal experience is satisfying and I dare to recommend clinic everyone who needs help related to IVF with donor eggs or Surrogacy. Hope someone will find my advice useful


Good afternoon Ladies! I would like to share my experience about visiting Ukraine(Odesa). We found the best reproductologist in this clinic and made an appoinment. This clinic is located in Ukraine (Odesa) “Academium”. We were disappointed in our problem and were surprised by individual approach and treatment. We found experienced doctor, friendly and professional stuff and also I have to mention optimal prices for professional services. Now we are happy parents of wonderful children, thanks to Chief Doctor Ruslan Sobolev. I advice to all couples to believe and you can implement your dreams in this clinic.
Best wishes to all.