Long ttc, I'm tired(


Congrats with your twin daughters! :smile:Biotexcom is great, I’d agree. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to have been treated not like ‘cycle’ but like ‘individual case’ at the clinic. This was a huge luck! I’ve always been a promising architect putting all my strength & time onto career. So my infertility found me at the age of 40 yo (Probably sooner, but I’ve never happened to know about my issues before.) Dh was 42 yrs old. We got married in 2013. TTC since 10/14. Soon I was diagnosed on PCOS & blocked fallopian tubes. My AMH results came in <3.2. IVF 9/15 - failed. IVF 12/15 - failed. I never saw the faintest of BFP which was driving me mad. DR suggested PGD as he suspected me of being a carrier of Wilson disease - a very rare treatable disorder. Our further step was using donor eggs. It took us 2 shots to get prego with them. Though I’m sure I could continue trying with ivf if no luck. Sorrogacy was the last option to count on for both of us. Honestly, we even did a huge research on how the process was going to be just in case. So I’ve got so many things t share with ladies here planning to apply for this option. Currently we’re moving the same way for a sibling with the same Biotexcom as believe they’ll create our miracle#2 :blush: So glad people get much more happier with their help. Wishing you and your little ones the best!


There still are several risks over the surrogacy process. I’m going to add a couple of things. From what I’ve got to know, surrogacy in the US is not this smooth as it seems. The intended parents are responsible for all of the medical costs of the surrogate. The use of a surrogate is very expensive even if everything goes well Up to $150k! And if the surrogate experiences medical complications, the intended parents will be responsible for the entire costs of her treatment. They may also be expected to compensate her for the loss of her time and for the damage to her body. Insurance doesn’t usually cover these costs. Therefore, the use of a gestational surrogate can become extremely expensive for the intended parents. Their ability to absorb the potential extra costs should be considered before they decide to proceed. Even with a well-written contract, there is a risk that the surrogate will decide to keep the child after birth and mother it herself. Because the law in some states gives parental rights to the woman who gives birth to the child, if she decides not to legally transfer those rights to the intended parents for whom she was a surrogate, there may be no way for the intended parents to enforce the contract. The worry about this potential situation may make the entire surrogate pregnancy a difficult emotional time for the intended parents.


Hello. How are you? Sorry to know about your situation. But medical science has made such advancements through which you can fight with your infertility. I have heard about Surrogacy a lot. It is the most successful and reliable procedure so far. You should go for it. Search for a good clinic. Choose anyone and visit it before starting your treatment. Meet your doctor first. Discuss the situation with her. Ask her the ways of treatment. Then start it. Good luck with your decision. I am sure you will make a wise decision. Take care.


How are you, hun! Tell us a couple of words. What’s your final decision? Ladies above keep on telling about surrogacy and probably this is the the most effective option to count on. Also the most expensive one. But this choice is very personal. For me surrogacy has always been the last option to count on. We tried 2 rounds oe ivf and 1 shot de ivf before got success and one of our sweet embies got stuck. This time we’re going the same way for the sibling. Everyone’s path differs. We all have different cases. One thing is for sure we have to do the best with the clinic’s choice. 'cause it’s half way to success. Evaluate well ones on your list. See whether the they have good balance of money sums and services offered. Talk to more people with the same needs. Be wise and no haste. Wish you all the best of luck and support on your way. hugs xx