Longest time you stimmed for?


Hi Ladies,

I’m just wondering how long you stimmed for using injections for an IUI?

For my last cycle, I stimmed for 16 days and then IUI was the following day.

I am starting a new cycle with Gonal F (last time I used Puregon) and this time around I can only have one follicle, or they have to cancel my cycle. My RE says he is going to take things very slow.

Just wondering the longest anyone has stimmed for? Has anyone gone past 20 or 21 days? I’m not sure if there is a maximum a doctor will let you stim for?

Thanks so much!!


My RE said the max they will do is 19 days, but they never do 19 days. He said really, 13-14 is pushing it, much past that and you’re frying the eggs. Although, clearly your doctor has a different opinion since you just did 16.

In cycles where I’ve done birth control pills first (once for IUI after having cysts, and once for IVF), I’ve stimmed for 12 and 11 days, respectively. Birth control pills oversuppress me, without them I stim pretty quickly (6-7 days).