Looking for a Positive Result in OTK


Hi Everyone!

I am on CD 17 after my first round of Clomid (50mg) and I have been feeling rather :grr::grr::grr: with my OTK results. I kept getting a light pink line in my testing window, but today I tested myself just now and I can’t figure out if this is a Positive result, negative result, or if my LH levels are starting to surge??

Can anyone take a look at the picture posted and tell me their thoughts? I would love a fresh set of eyes!

Any insight would be wonderful! Either way, the fact that my results is darker than from the days before (I just have my results from the day before (CD16) to compare today’s results to), is giving me a lot of hope!


Also, please feel free to share your pictures!

Thank you so so so very much!


I only used the digital clear blue ones so i didnt have to guess at how dark the line was supposed to get.


Thanks! I’ll just get myself the digital ones then…this guessing game is no fun. Thanks for your help…