Looking for Adoptive Parent(s)


7 months old twin girls are up for adoption through an agency.
I just recently adopted my son from them.Anyone interested in adopting the twin girls,
please do contact me.
[email protected]


Can this facility available for Indian women?
Can you name the race does this child belong to?


Hi, ladies! To get there, the adoptive parents must go through a sometimes stressful legal process.
You should be aware of the following. Found this useful ~
Relinquishment. Even after selecting the adoptive parents, the birthmother has the right to withdraw from the adoption process without consequence. It is not until she has signed the final relinquishment papers that the adoptive parents have any legal rights over the child. Because withdraw is quite common, occurring in up to one-third of all cases, the process can be a harrowing one for would-be parents. They are essentially in limbo, waiting for the mother to place her biological baby with adoptive parents. After the papers are signed, however, the adoptive parents assume all legal rights to the child.
Reclamation. The single greatest fear of most couples who go through an open adoption is that the birthmother will someday want her baby back. The good news for adoptive parents is that that nightmare scenario is more nightmare than reality. Most adoption agencies take the proper legal steps to ensure that that cannot and does not happen.
Future Involvement. When a birthparent does go to court to try to overturn an adoption, the motivating factor is often a lack of contact. In most of these cases, the claim is made that the adoptive parents broke their original promise to allow regular visits. Although the courts often side with the adoptive parents, couples must decide on an individual basis how much contact they will permit.
Future Changes. A birthparent cannot, for example, request additional visits that are not covered in the original agreement. That way, both sides will know exactly what their rights are. Changes to existing agreements are occasionally permitted if they are in the best interest of the child and both sides agree.
Differing Laws.
In conclusion, it is a complicated process that involves various legal issues. Couples who are interested in pursuing it can greatly improve their chances of success by speaking with a family law attorney beforehand.
Hope this helps.