Looking for cycle buddy 40+ DE


I am all new to this. I hope to make some friends to chat through this exhilarating time!!


I am 39. I have been on the BCP for a week now. I start my medications around 11-12. They are thinking retrieval will be around thanksgiving. This is our first cycle.


Well you are a week earlier than me. Isn’t this so very exciting? Today I got all my medicines. Um I’m not going to lie, all those needles look pretty intimidating. Sunday is my first Lupron shot. This is my first [I]IVF cycle. I’m so nervous. [/I]How are things on your side?


hi - close to 40

hi ladies - I am 39, in 1st cycle too, just did my final shot tonight, and retrieval is Weds.
The needles are super scary but are not that bad, I promise. 1 good trick: slap your skin and then do the jab. The slap helps numb the general area and you barely feel the prick - really. my hubby helped me depress the plunger while I held the syringe in place and pinched my belly or upper thigh…it helps to have 3 hands. Just think positive and be decisive as you do the shots. The first one is scary but you’ll be relieved - its not bad.
Good luck!:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


Poppy, I will definitely give smacking myself a try once I start those shots in my rear. I am not going to lie, I’m going to be sweating bullets. I read someone recommended putting a pint of Haagen-daz on the area before the shot and then eating the ice cream afterward. LOL

Loverofdogs: good luck to you. Let me know how your retrieval goes.


Almost ready to take the plunge…

we just had our meeting with a 2nd RE, and it looks like DE is the way to go. So maybe we’ll be 1/2010 cycle? I think choosing/finding the right donor is key…any body have thoughts on how to do that…there’s much more to it than looking at a photo, isn’t there?

Funny, the thing that has been weighing on me for the last 24 hours is how the cost of the DE cycle is really a drop in bucket when compared to the whole childraising cost (i.e. swim team, karate lessons, summer camp, orthodontist, college). Not to mention loss of income b/c I plan on spending lots of time with this child, not dragging my kids back an forth to day care (which I did with my 2 kids…have a lot of mixed feelings about that/

THoughts on how you chose your donor???

And, anyone in NYC, FF county area?

THanks! summer