Looking for Donor Embryo Clinic that uses your photos to match - with NO waiting list


We already have a 3 year old daughter and would really like to expand our family - our only option is to do donor embryos (both hubby and I have had cancer and can’t have children of our own we are both 35). We would really prefer to use a clinic that matches our photos to donor photos. Does anyone know of one that is affordable? I have found some clinics in the $4000 range and that is about all we can afford. :frowning:


I’m going to NEDC in Knoxville. It supposed to cost about $5000. I just started the process which takes about 9 months and everything is paid for in stages (not all at once) I paid $300 to NEDC for the application fee, then $550 towards home study ($1200) .I’m just beginning my journey but so far its been a pretty positive experience.


The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program allows you to select the family whose embryos you will receive. All the profiles come with pictures, and if you are matched with a family, and for some reason do not feel comfortable with it you can turn it down.

We also looked into the NEDC but with the cost of travel to and from Tennesee for each FET - what if we had to go 3 times - we decided to use Snowflakes because we could work with our clinic, our doctor and stay close to home.

Remember if you are looking at Clinic donor programs that if you [B]don’t[/B] get preganant you may have to go to the bottom of the waiting list again. Sometimes another $4000…


The only clinic I’ve been in touch with who used photos to match was in Spain. We were also on a tight budget, totaling no more than $5K. We ended up going w/ a clinic that let us pick our batch, though the profiles did not come with photos. They have photos in the original file, though, which is so annoying, bc what’s the point? They won’t share them though, claiming anonymity.


What clinic in Spain used photos to match? I hope you do not mind sharing.
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