Looking for E-Friends


Well, I am looking for others who just want support or someone to talk to about all the things going on! I will be starting my first IVF this next cycle which is around the 28th of Feb. Really nervous but excited! My reason is because I had my tubes tied at 21 and one grew back but not enough to support a pregnancy. I have had M/C in my tubes but my first uterus M/C was november which made DH and I decided lets go IVF. I do alot of research and love hearing others stories and trying to help others but don’t have any friends who are experiencing the same thing as I am! So, here I am.


I would like to! Where do I sign up?


Lol you just did. So whats your story?


Hi There!

Its always great to have people to talk to! My story is simple. I have really bad PCOS, oen fo the worst my doctor has apparently seen, lucky me. So i am in a diagnostic cycle with an RE right now and he told me we were probably going to be skipping the injectable cycles and jumping right to either IUI or IVF.

I wont know more until after i get the results of my biopsy. Its all scary yet exciting stuff!