Looking for info from FL surrogate


Hello there.
I have a beautiful daughter born thanks to anonymous embryo donation. One of her siblings was born from her same batch, via a surrogate, to her donor family. I am hoping to find this surrogate in hopes that she can either pass some information to our donors or otherwise put us in touch with them.

I suspect that because the clinic where our donors did treatment only offered anonymous donation, it is possible that the donors could have changed their minds about not even being notified if anything ever came of their generous donation. I am registered on the Donor Sibling Registry, where I’m learning that many donors change their minds about anonymity after some time. I do not want anything but some very basic ability for my daughter to reach out to them when she gets older if she so chooses. An email and first name would be plenty for me.

At any rate, if you were a surrogate for a Filipino/Caucasian couple in the Jacksonville, FL area in 2013, please send me a PM. You are our best chance of making that connection for our daughter. Thanks!