Looking for IVF insight with low AMH


Hi all…I’m new to the site…been lurking, but first time posting so bear with me as I still don’t know all the acronyms and terminology…

About me… TTC 3 years now. My husbsnd is 38…no sperm issues. I’m 34 and just found out AMH is less than .16 (supposedly the lowest amount to still be readable). We did clomid for 6 months and the gonal-f with two failed IUIs. Finally my RE did the AMH test and said we should switch to IVF, coupled with the fact that my husband was diagnosed with cancer in January. We quickly banked 3 rounds of sperm.

Anyways, we just did our first IVF cycle. I started out by taking Lupron as my RE believes that my pituatory gland wasn’t functioning properly. We then moved on to 375 gonal f a day, and ganorellix, followed in the evening with 300 menopure. We only ended up with 3 decent sized follicles and two smaller ones. We did the retrieval on 3/31 and 3 fertilized. All three were transferred on 4/3 and I’m now on my 2ww. I couldn’t wait so I POAS today and got a BFN. I am trying not to let it get to me but I really do not think I’m pregnant. I’ve had cramping everyday but no spotting which leads me to believe AF is around the corner. However, I’m taking progesterone which is delaying AF.

Anyways, if this doesn’t work, should I bother trying again with my own eggs or should we move to a donor egg? My husband is all for it but I’m bummed that biologically, the egg isn’t mine. I was always for adoption but he’s been kind of against it because he wants a child that’s biologically his…so I kind of am bummed that I’d go through all of this and it be someone else’s egg. Kind if silly I know.

I guess just hearing your thoughts and stories will help calm my nerves. Thanks on advance ! -Lacey


Don’t give up hope on this round quite yet - cramping sometimes comes with the IVF territory. I cramped all the way through my 2nd time and ended BFP.

As for moving on, sounds like a whole lot to consider. Not sure if your clinic offers it but I was able to get free counselling during my treatments. After my miscarriage, I found it very helpful. You too might find it helpful to talk to someone especially if one of the options is DE.


@Juia - thank you for responding. I was starting to feel like an even bigger loser since no one responded. :slight_smile:

Praying and praying for a :bfp: but I had another :bfn: today. Trying to keep busy but I feel in my heart of hearts that we aren’t pregnant.

I don’t think my clinic has a counseling program. As a matter of fact, I have wrestled with trying to decide if we should switch to another practice. I am seeing one of the top 10 clinics in the country for infertility but feel like I am just another person coming through a revolving door of patients. My husband and I have had to navigate this situation without much direction. We were seeking infertility treatments for over a year before the RE even met with us and I think if I want another appt with her, I need to wait at least 3-4 months. It can be a lot of stress sometimes (and since I am not normally an emotional or stressed out person, it frustrates me). I just hate to go somewhere else and start from scratch all over. My clinic also has a DE program that is free (they use DE’s that were given up from prior IVF patients). I just feel lost as to what we should do next.


There are also counselors and therapists who specialize in infertility, and you might find that helpful. It sounds like you may be feeling like things are a little imbalanced, that your husband doesn’t have to give up his desire for a “biologically his” child while you’re facing the possibility that you might. I would urge you two to come to terms with that in whatever way is best for you before you go ahead with a decision, because it sounds like the kind of thing that could turn into an ugly bitterness down the road. Of course, I don’t know, and it’s totally possible it would never be an issue. But it’s something to think about. My DH said at the very beginning of our IF journey that he wasn’t comfortable with the idea of having a kid who was biologically mine if he or she couldn’t also be biologically his. We never had to face that particular problem, but we would have had to do some real work together to figure out where we stood on the whole thing if we had needed to make that decision.