Looking for NYC fertility clinics that work with surrogates


I am presently undergoing fertility treatment with a clinic in CA and am thinking of switching to a clinic in NYC where I live. Basically, the level of care has suffered from the long distance and the trips to CA have been exhausting and not without drama. I have a GS and I know some clinics, such as Cornell, won’t work with me because it’s a surrogacy. I am looking for a NYC clinic that is willing to do IVF with me, knowing the embryos are destined for a GS. I really would like a clinic that will do the egg retrievals in NYC, but it is not a big deal if they want to do the embryo transfer itself at one of their non-NY locations because of NY surrogacy laws. I believe New Hope will do everything, including the transfer, at their NYC location, but I have heard really mixed things about them (some eyebrow-raising) and would like to explore other clinics. Please let me know if you know of any clinic I can work with. TIA!


I think RMA-NJ does IVF and transfer into GC. Not as far from NYC as CA. Try searching on RMANJ board. Good luck.


Dear ttstaypositive i was reading your comments and yeah the money every time will be a wall to cross your dreams but u can move to your mexican neighbors because they have many surrogacy clinics, if u are stooping by the money try to contact one of them, my suggestion is biotexcom mexico because they have lowest prices comparing to usa los angeles, miami or another important city. its my suggestion dear friend and i hope your dreams will come true soon. 2 years ago i did a treatment with such clinic and our little sunny is growing up))) good luck !!!