Looking for past experiences - chemical pregnancy


Hi Ladies/Gents.

I just received a phone call today confirming that my initial first beta of 19 isn’t going anywhere, only raised to 21.9 since Monday.

My nurse explained that this is a chemical pregnancy, we’ll test next week to see if the beta goes down. But if it keeps creeping, we may have to take a drug of some sort to stop it? Or worse, this could turn into a ectopic?

So if there’s anyone out there reading this with a similar story, can you please share with me what you went through after hearing the news? How did your beta progress/decline? Did you take meds, any side effects? Did it turn into an ectopic, what happened?

Thank you!


Sadly, I can reply …

Aug 10 was our 2 blastocysts day 6 one was 90% hatched we just had no clue once positive bad things existed. We have a surrogate whom has two biological children both natural normal births. She is 26 and a health nut. On Nov 17th we decided to HPT and she took 4 of them - we were over the moon so when our first beta came on Aug 19 we were not shocked that her beta was 70 since it was a weekend she did a second beta the call came late 8pm my time since im in Michigan and my clinic is in LA her beta was 56 my heart sank they expected her to miscarry in 5 days - she did not for 2 weeks and a looming hcg at 23 then a repeat a week later was 19 then a repeat a week later it was 22 it actually went up something was very wrong she already miscarried nothing visible on the ultrasound. She ended up having to take Cyotec which was extremely painful - if they believed it was tubal they would have given her methotrexate injections to aid release of whatever was left. My doc waited two weeks once this was over to be proactive and placed her on 5 days of provera to start a period 6 days later she did and we entered into this new cycle.

I’m an emotional mess we transferred 3 months to the date from the first one again two embryos to the same surrogate.

We are in wait mode but again my my surrogate wanted to test early and did it a day before she did last time and was negative - I’m praying my heart out we just tested too early.

I Pray your hcg drops without any issues it made for a long emotional 2 months nothing going right … Praying for you and praying our beta proves those tests are wrong on Nov 20 …

I also want to tell you that I am so sorry for your lost, I mourned mine for a good month and a half because of how it all played out. It’s a lost no matter how long that pregnancy lasted and it hurts :frowning:


I am so sorry you are going through this. I think it is a chemical pregnancy and that it will just go down on it’s own in a few days and then you will just get your period late. Most of the ectopic stories I read about double for the first little while.
My beta at 17 (14 dpiui) in May kept doubling every 2 days, I had a small sac but never a heartbeat until it stopped growing at 6 weeks. I took misoprostol and it was incredibly painful!! I could have had a D&C or waited for a natural miscarriage but my doc suggested this drug. I would never take it again if I had other options. But I must say it is different for everyone and some people don’t have a problem with it but for me is was awful.
My chemical a few months later never got very high and never doubled. The only side effect was AF showing up four days late.

So unfortunately you will have to wait and see what happens with this next beta. I really hope it just goes down on its own and you can move past this loss. My every instinct and experience tells me this will not drag on for you. :grouphug: