Looking for some encouragement!


Good morning ladies! How are we all on this Monday morning? Well, I am thinking that I am nuts… I am day 5 right now, and been on Gonal F since day 3… I can not quite believe that I am going through this again, and this is my last time, I swear… Geez, how many times have I said that?? I can not put my body, mind, or pocketbook through any more… This will be my 4th IVF, and I have already had 2 IVM’s, 13 IUI’s, etc., etc., etc… Been trying for 9 years, and this will be my last cycle… So, need tons of baby dust thrown my way please ladies! I am so scared of it not happening because of my interesting diagnosis, this is pretty much all for the interest of science… Hopefully my situation can help others in the future not have to go through what I have been through. I hope this works, I want to be a Mom so badly… I want the experience of carrying our child, going through labor, seeing their little face for the first time, all of it… And I will feel cheated and useless if it is not meant to be… Sending baby dust to all of you, and I would love to have some dust and positivity thrown my way too! Love and hugs to all! xoxo


I would be happy to support you along the way hon!:babydust: :cheer: I think most of us can relate to your feelings in some way, although maybe not dealing with the exact same history, so we get it, and we are here. Do you do yoga, massage, accupuncture, read books, or anything that can distract you during this time? I know it is so tough, and I hear it in your words how badly you want this. Praying it works!


Good luck Golden, I’m a long hauler too and know just how you feel. We just have to stay strong and keep trying. That baby is out there somewhere for us all. Hugs!


Lots of good thoughts coming your way.


I am praying that it works for you this time. I was wondering, since they are using you as a lab rat, can they pick up the cost for the treatments?


You are all so sweet! Thank you so much for all your words…

I do read, which is a good distraction, but I don’t do yoga… I suppose I should try to do some to relax my mind and body so maybe I shall look into classes or acupunture… Thanks for the suggestion!

And yes, they are doing it at a discounted rate, definitely not what I would pay for a regular cycle, but the best they could do was discounted, not free… I guess due to the cost of the equipment and “extras” that they have to use…

Hugs to all of you! can’t tell you how nice it is to have some faith in your corner… I am praying for all the best for all of you!! xoxo


a discount is better than nothing. :slight_smile: I do acupuncture and yoga and both help me. Yoga will help with not only relaxation but it will help you when you get pregnant too.


Yes for sure… Discounted is better than nothing… :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip on the yoga! I should definitely try it… I have taken 1 yoga class in the past but I could not seem to shut my mind off… LOL… The lady was talking with the class, trying to get us to go to a different place in our minds and I found thoughts of what bills I had to pay and what to get at the grocery store after the class still creeping into my brain… LOL… Guess I need more classes to figure out how to do that properly… :wink:


LOL. I think it does take a few sessions to really get into it. I also did circle and blooms meditation the last time and I swear I never heard the whole thing because I would drift off to the sleep so easily.


Sorry to hear that you have gone through soo much with nothing to show for it. I can totally relate to you. Although we only had a diagnosis of male factor infertility…we had to go through 6 total cycles (4 fresh IVF and 2 FET) before finally having our little miracle. Also had three miscarriages along the way. (If you would like to read my story, you can visit my blog, sorry it is pretty long unfortunately!)

Praying this is the cycle for you…also another lady started a “multiple IVFer” thread, that has a lot of good info, support, etc. If you would like to check it out, it is still pretty active. http://forums.fertilitycommunity.com/vitro-fertilization-ivf/2020214675-any-multiple-ivfers-out-there.html

Good luck to you!


Thanks Brit! I will for sure look into that… Had my day 7 ultrasound and things are looking ok so far… roughly 8 look like they are growing, so we shall see… My Dr. is going to try IVF and IVM at the same time… I guess he is hoping my ovaries explode during retrieval?? LOL… That is a lot of pain, and I am not looking forward to it at all! IVM is worse pain wise then IVF, and even that is painful for me, so I can hardly imagine IVM and IVF at the same retrieval… YIKES! How is everyone else making out? xoxo