Looking for someone to relate to


Hi, i’m from Hampshire and was wondering if there was anyone in or around the area that wouldn’t mind giving me advice on fertility tests and treatments that are available to twenty year olds since i know some doctors are reluctant to perform tests on people under the age of 25. I am willing to help in any way i can in return. Thanks guys :slight_smile:


I’m not from the area but I wanted to say, I hope you get the answers you need. Don’t be afraid to be pushy with your dr to give you the testing you want. I was put off for a long time because I was “so young” . Turns out, I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant naturally no matter how young I was. And what difference does age make anyway? If you want a baby, you want a baby! God bless.


My RE was actually more excited about my age than reluctant. He said the sooner you get started with fertility tx the more likely you’ll have success! And the younger you are the higher chance of IVF or any other tx working first try. Maybe find another RE? as far as fertility testing its the same no matter what age. My advice is to just go see someone and get started the sooner the better!
good luck!