Looking for someone with some advice


We just completed our first round of IVF and are in the two week wait… the pressure! :)… so my question is this… we are now sixteen days post HGC trigger shot, fourteen days past the egg retrieval, and eleven days past the transfer… I have done four home pregnancy tests and all come up pregnant… advice??? I know bloodwork is the sure bet and that is scheduled thursday but looking for feedback about testing in the meantime…Thanks


Sounds like you are pregnant! Congratulations!


You are def past anything causing a false pregnancy! Enjoy being pregnant and rest! Yay!


I agree with the above posts!

My clinic does beta hcg tests at 7dp5dt. So you had a 3dt which would be like 10dpt for you. You’re 11 today and still getting positive hpts (I’m assuming by doing 4 you mean the past 4 days). Sounds like a big Congrats to me!!


did any of you experience brown spotting? I have some light spotting today… still tested positive on a hpt… feedback?


I had a positive at 7dp5dt and also had spotting both brown and pink off and on for that day and 8dp5dt. My beta wasn’t until 10dp5dt. Sounds like you are pregnant and the spotting is implantation spotting. I assume you are on a progesterone supplement??

Congrats!!! :cheer:


Brown is never bad and spotting is 99% of the time not bad. Brown is old blood. And there are a bunch of reason why you could spot right now, most of them cervical irratiation and that could be from suppositories, the ER, just about anything and all normal. So you’re fine :slight_smile:
If blood turns red and gets heavy is the time you have to worry. And even then it still could be normal.

Enjoy your pregnancy!!