Looking for Successful IVFs after Ectopic Pregnancy


Hi ladies,

Some of my history;

As a result of IVF Cycle #4, I was just dx with a 6 wk ectopic in my Left tube last Thurs (9/6). You can see my siggy for details. I’m crushed, but the upside is I don’t have to have surgery & I’ve been given Methotrexate instead, to treat the ectopic. I have yet to see the effects from the Methotrexate, but that’s neither here nor there. My RE told DH & I that it will be 3 months before we can try IVF again. I AM SCARED TO DEATH of having another ectopic!!! I’m at a greater risk now of having a second one! I know there are no guarantees but I can handle going through yet another IVF cycle if there is at least some good success stories. I’ve read only a couple on here, but nothing recent—from about 2 yrs ago.

PLEASE SOMEONE OUT THERE GIVE ME SOME SUCCESS STORIES!! Also any good supplements or advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


We are in the same boat with my wife having DOR and me low count but we are a little older with me at 51 and my wife at 39. Anyway my wife had to have 2 injections of Methodrexate because after the 1st injection my wife’s HCG level was still at 22,000 and not dropping. The M/C was a bit painful, anyway they tested my wife’s FSH and said that with it being at 16.3 that we would would need to use donor eggs. We started researching on the internet how to overcome this and found that DHEA could help lower her FSH as well as improve her egg quality. My wife started taking this and CoQ10and some other vitamins as well as baby aspirin because we had read that this would help with the baby sticking in the uterus. We changed our diets, I cut down on my caffeine and coffee and started taking all kinds of vitamins also. After 2 months we had her 2nd day FSH tested again and it was down to 7.:clap: We had scheduled with the RE to start stimming for IVF after my wife started her period but after being 2 days late my wife took a HPT and it was :bfp:.
The little one stopped growing at 5.5 weeks and my wife had a M/C at 8 weeks.
I hope this helps and the very best of luck in the future.


LWill sorry to hear about your DW’s m/c. That must be so hard on both of you, but at the same time a little encouraging to know that you got PG naturally just by changing your lifestyles and supplements. I personally know someone on this site who has a similar history as us and is now PG from IVF, while taking DHEA, BabyAsa & CoQ10. Thanks so much for the input. I will definitely look into those supplements once my body gets back on the right track. Best of Luck to you & DW :slight_smile:


Keep trying until you become successful- this famous saying always keeps up myself. You should employ this strategy to boost your hope with 2 IVF.