Looking for surromommy


Hello ladies, I’m new to this forum and I need your advice! I’m 35 and I have MRKH and to have a baby I found a clinic which provided me with surrogacy program. My boy is 2 yo now and my hubby and I want him to have a sibling. The thing is that we are not quite satisfied with our previous clinic. Everything there was imperfect from the very beginning. For example, we had our first appointment with a doctor postponed but we were told about when we were near that particular clinic so we were waiting for 3 hours. Then they didn’t accept our test results, although the were fresh so we were to anew them, it’s nonsense. Actually we were treated like we tried to get a kid for free, in fact we payd around $40k and of course we expected to have nicer med stuff. Total sum, with hotels, food, tickets and transport was around $55k. While being there, btw it was Moscow, it was hard to even have a walk as it seems like there are billions of people over there, we lost in their subway and decided to take a taxi but huge traffic jams made us regret it. You know, I’d like to have my second baby in a better way even if it could be a bit more expensive. Maybe you have ideas where to find a better clinic?


Friends of mine passed surrogacy in Biotexcom, Ukraine. I’ve shared the story on another thread. You may have a look at ‘surrogacy threads’ here. They paid 39 900 euro for their package. And no extra money paid - starting from oocyte donation and finishing with all needed documents. They were met at the airport and provided with comfortable apt. No language barrier, they had a manager by the side. All the services were included into package price. The whole amount of money was divided into 5 parts. They found a surrogate mother for them in less than 2 months. I believe this is much faster than the process in UK for ex. Also it’s definitely worth seeing surroparents.org. The site has got lots of information on surrogacy and egg donation. Moreover you may have your consultation conducted in London absolutely for free. Patient coordinator will explain you the process. You’ll also find more success story with the clinic on mother-surrogate.info. Hope this helps, good luck :wink:


@lizzardina, hello! You’ve written this post and disappeared… However, if you have any news or you still need any advice, please contact me. I have been through fertility treatment and have some experience which could be useful for you.


lizzardina, hello. How are you now? Did you find your surrogate? Are you already in the program? I have a lot of questions too. We also got our baby with the help of the surrogate program. I’m open to any of your questions as well. Looking forward for your reply.