Looking for those who took Clomid and Letrozle


We are dealing with MFI (low sperm count), docs recommend IVF but our insurance does not cover it but does cover IUI unlimited…we have tried numerous IUI clomid cycles which did not result in any BFPs, I did however respond excellent each time and so far have had no side effects…this month the docs are switching me to Letrozole which I start taking today (last month my hubby’s sperm count was the highest it has ever been: 20 million prewash/14 million postwash, he has been taking a variety of different vitamins which might be working). My question is have any of you had failed IUI clomid cycles but got a BFP with Letrozole? If so how many cycles of each did you have? Did you have any side effects from the Letrozole? Were you dealing with MFI? Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


I’ve been on both meds and we are dealing with MFI. But we’ve done 5 IUI’s and gotten a BFP on 4 of them. Goodluck!


Wow you are lucky! We have done 11, yes 11 IUIs no BFPs - if we had the coverage or money for IVF would have done it a year ago when we were diagnosed but this took us by surprise :frowning: I am hoping my hubby’s count last month was not a fluke, maybe the vitamins are working :slight_smile:


We don’t have IUI/IVF coverage either and are totally out of pocket with ours also. I wouldn’t say we are lucky just yet. We have yet to have a sticky bean :frowning: We are going to try IVF in 8 months, but are also looking into moving onto donor sperm. Its cheaper than IVF.


The sucky part is our insurance covers IUIs unlimited but no IVF - it makes no sense :frowning: