Loosing all hope


I posted this on my trigger thread also.

So now I am 15 days past trigger 14 days past ovulation. test this morning is negative. I should be expecting :af: today but the weird thing is I have no symptoms of her showing today, no cramps, no headaches, no pain what so ever. What is going on here? I am wondering if my LP is going to be longer because of the medicated cycle. I am confused and upset. i thought at least by now i would have an answer either way. Why does this have to be so frustrating? I have read some stories of people getting bfp past day 14 but then they say they are not sure of ovulation day. But I am because of the trigger, so I have lost hope that this will be my month. I had 6 follies that would have been over 18 when I triggered I had such high hopes for this cycle. Im trying to hold myself together but im struggling to do so. :grr:


I understand completely. I go tomorrow for my pregnancy test and I triggered 15 days ago but I feel cramping with sore breasts. I’m terrified of what will happen when/if it’s negative but I’m pretty much expecting it. I wish I could say something to make u feel better but I know that nothing can right now. I’d cry it out and then look at the next cycle. Good luck to you!


I wouldn’t be too surprised if the trigger could lengthen your LP by a little bit, but I don’t know about that. Have you had a beta? I’d make an appointment with your doctor to get a blood test and see what they think. 14dpo is still early enough to get a negative on an HPT if you have a late implanter, so take care of yourself and get a blood test (or wait, I’d say, at least 5 days and take another HPT).


My doc won’t do testing till i’m on CD35. :frowning: I wish he would. I had some cramping off and on for the last day. Its only on my right side. I didn’t test today I don’t want to see that lonely little line all by himself again. I told myself I would wait a few days. If :af: hasn’t arrived by Friday I will test again. I have an appointment for next Monday. I hate this waiting game.