Love/Hate with my BFF's right now


:grr: I have a BFF who is pregnant with her 4th child. She is unmarried, cried tears of frustration about it, and her boyfriend didn’t talk to her for 3 days. She knows we have been TTC and tries to be considerate, but seriously!!! Don’t call and complain! I’m happily married. Have plenty of room and love to share. And 19 months later still no baby!
Now my other BF is pregnant with number 5. She swore up and down #4 was the last, but when our other friend got pregnant I knew she would too. I LOVE my BFF. She has been my BF for more than 15 years, but this is putting a strain on our friendship. I’m angry and sad all the time and have no one to talk to who understands. What can I do to make these judgemental, petty, childish feelings go away. I’m going crazy over here!:confused:

Married since 2007
TTC: 19 Months
Me: Hydrosalpinx, Extremely regular and ovulate with no problem
Him: Low sperm count

IUI: Missed last 4 months due to ovulating on blocked side - Next try in December :cross: :pray:


I get how you feel…

Hi MammaAngel
I am new to this site. I came across your post and I am sorry you are feeling this way. Its completely normal. My BFF just had her second baby this weekend. She never wanted children and got pregnant with her first on the pill. She tried one month for the second and bam preggo and to make it worse, she named this new baby the boy name she knew I really like. So I had to go hold a new baby with my name, talk about feeling bitter! Its so frustrating to have friends that don’t get it. Its a constant roller coaster of emotion that you live 28 days at a time.
I can only say that taking a deep breath and try to remember they say God only gives you what you can handle. Easier said than done, I know.
Good Luck!


In the same boat

Your frustration is normal - and it only grows as people just seem to pop out kids with ease, when you’d be so happy with just 1. I feel the same way. I’m now at the end of my rope - a friend just had her 3rd kid, one got pregnant on her honeymoon, and one that has been very unsupportive (sometimes nasty) about all the @#$# I’ve gone though is now pregnant. That was my final straw -I’m just so angry and pissed and sad and i’m a mess. I’m absolutely furious that I suffer and pay through the nose for stuff that does nowhere, and others just sail into pregnancy.:grr:


What you are feeling is completely normal. And I certainly don’t blame you. I would be honest with both BFF’s about why you are upset, and ask for some space. Making space will give you time and privacy to deal with these feelings, and your BFF’s to realign they’re expectations of you. If they’re good friends, they’ll understand completely.


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my bff just told me shes prego

This is my first post. I’ve been married since 2009 and 1 day after returning from our honeymoon, bam emergency room, ovarian dust and its been a frequent occurance since then. I should have my own suite at local hospital. My best friend got married at end out October 2011 and she’s 7 weeks pregnant. The day i call for fertility specialist, she ‘breaks the news’. Really? Worst timing ever. Now she wants my boy or girl name for hers. Is it bad I want to push her down a flight of stairs? I’m having such an emotional time over this. She sends me sono pics as if I want to see it. I feel like such a bitter person but I hope and pray pregnancy is near.


Ughhhhh… how about finding out your friend and cousin are pregnant, who started trying like a month ago-- on the same night!

Tried my best not to cry.

It is such a hard and weird feeling. :grr:


Yeah, it’s hard. Juts try to remember it’s not their fault.


i agree it’s not there fault. but it’s not mine iether. i cant help crying when i hear the news. i talk alot and i’ve cut myself off from my freinds. i have nothing to say to them. one has 2 little ones so when i try to have a conversation with her , the kids are always mom,mom in the background. the other on her 3rd. just told me @ xmas. they know something is up with me. and i tell them the truth. i just don’t feel like talking right now. so there giving me my space. but i also know that if i need them they will listen and when i’m ready i will call them