Lovenox after transfer?


Hello, I am doing my first IVF and the hemotologist put me on Lovenox at night for my slight Protein S deficiency. I’m nervous. Can I ask two questions: If anyone has done this, were they monitored by their doctor while on Lovenox? My doctor didnt tell me to come back until the preg test and I see on the box it said you might bleed. Also, because my deficiency is slight, it’s not going to hurt the baby if I take it and I really dont have anything wrong with me, right?

Thank you all so much. :flower:


I just started lovenox today. I’m don’t go back for anything until my beta in two weeks. I don’t think that’s unusual though. I am using 40mg a day, which is a prophylactic dose and does not require blood tests as far as I know. The higher therapeutic doses would require follow-up testing.


Find a hematologist, as you will need to be blood monitored, even on the 40. Me hematologist wanted me on it the whole pregnancy too, Re was just “first trimester”. I would find a Hematologist as soon as you get pregnant, they are the experts on blood related disorders. It does not cross the placenta (asprin does btw) so the baby would be fine. However, there are NO clinical trials with this drug on pregnant women, only post marketing reports. Nothing unusual shows up on the package insert from all the pregnancies that have been on it. We did tons of research, as I am a nut about medicines and chemicals in my body when pregnant. The bleed out on the 40 is not likely, but prior to birth they will switch you to heparin. Just be careful when you are on it, as your blood is thinner.

The drug is relatively safe, make sure though you use the prefilled syringes. The kind in the vial has a preservative which causes fetal distress.


I have been on Lovenox for over a week and have had no problems. I also have not been told to come in for any monitoring at all.


Thanks so much for your responses! I am taking the generic of Lovenox and the needle seems really big. Is this an intramuscular injection? Maybe the Lovenox needle is actually thinner? Thanks.


if it is the prefilled yellow and clear plastic syringe with the grey cap it is what i am taking and it is sub Q.


I have been in Lovenox for about a month now leading up to my FET which was just on Wed 11/17. RE told me to continue it throught the pregnancy test b/c of the clotting issue my bloodwork showed. Good Luck!


thank you! did you guys stay on the baby aspirin too, or is the lovenox enough?

i am SO sick of shots…


[quote=kittykat123]thank you! did you guys stay on the baby aspirin too, or is the lovenox enough?

i am SO sick of shots…[/quote]

I am also on the baby aspirin. I was also put on the Folgard (high dose of folic acid) and was told to continue the prenatal vitamins as well so I guess we are doubling up on everything lol.


I’m also still on low-dose aspirin, even with the lovenox.


Hi There, I was just told by my RE that we should try Lovenox next cycle. He said we would start day 1 of a BFP, I am nervous and don’t really know anything about it so I am doing a little research. I have 1 MTHFR gene mutation so I am on Folbee, as well as my prenatal. I guess Lovenox would be taken with all of this. The reason he said I should take it is because of the number of chemical pregnancies and recurrent M/c’s.