Lovenox dosage?


I’m in Czech Republic at the moment and I’m not sure if I can get ahold of my RE in the US. He is the one who has put me on lovenox. I’m on 40ml once a day. I have bleeding at the injection site. Yesterday, it started 15 hours later! This morning, it’s just a little bit. Is this common? Am I on a higher than normal dose?


I’m assuming you mean 40 mg per day dosage. That is a standard dose. Lovenox is a blood thinner, so bleeding at the injection site is one of the more common side effects, I wouldn’t worry. I am certainly no expert, but I am an RN. Expect more bruising at the site than when you were on stims. Most people on heparin or Lovenox are very bruised from the shots.

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That is a standard dose if you’ve never had a clotting history before.

Where are you bleeding at? At the injection site? Or anywhere else on your body? If you are taking other blood thinning supplements like fish oil, garlic, etc you will tend to bleed more than if you’re just on lovenox alone. I took fish oil and garlic as supplements (without lovenox) prior to an IVF cycle, and my RE noted that my cervix bled just when the speculum touch it. And just 2 weeks ago, prior to my current cycle, I took 1000 mg EPA (fish oil but with concentrated EPA) and lovenox similar thing happened so I stopped taking fish oil. At my transfer last week, my cervix did not bleed and i was on lovenox and baby aspirin only. So if you are taking other blood thinning supplements, please check with your doctor as it can be unsafe if you bleed unnecessarily

Another thing also when you take lovenox do it at night just prior to going to bed. With less activities, you will bruise and bleed less at the injection site.


Thanks. It is 40mg. I took heparin for my other cycles, and had bruises that lasted for months, but never bleeding at the injection site. I wasn’t sure if 40mg lovenox was stronger than 10,000iu heparin, although they are basically the same, other than molecular weight. I was doing it in the morning, so when I get back to the states and have to adjust for the time difference, I’ll just switch to before bed. Thanks!


[FONT=Arial]I’m taking heparin and I take it twice a day. I pull back to the 50 mark on my syringe. I had to get a blood drawl (CBC & TC something) on Friday before I started the medication. I officially started Heparin on Saturday. I also had the same bw today and have an appt Wed. & next Mon. The nurse said these blood drawls will determine if I need to take more or less of the medication. Last cycle I stayed on the same dosage the entire time.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]As for the bleeding at the injection site. That’s normal but you should only experience a small amt. I was told to put firm pressure if you experience bleeding at the site. Do not rub only firm pressure. You will experience bruising at the site. My bruising started on Sunday, but there only small.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Hope this info is helpful. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]I hope everything else is going good for you! Congrats on being PUPO! :babydust: [/FONT]


I was on 40mg for my last cycle and before injecting I always put an ice pack on my belly for 4-5 minutes, I was told that this helps reduce the blood vessels and minimizes bleeding and bruising, and it worked for me.

Good luck!


I take my lovenox at night and always carefully inspect my belly for veins before I pick a spot. It’s possible you hit a vein. I had a spot of bleeding at the injection site when I started stims, and some pretty awful looking bruises, but I think once my estrogen started climbing the bruising stopped and I very rarely have a drop of blood at the site. Higher estrogen levels make your blood more prone to clotting.

Good luck w/ your cycle!


I also take 40mg. I found that certain areas are more prone to bleeding. If I inject anywhere in my lower belly, I bleed like crazy and end up with giant bruises. However the band just to the side of my belly button rarely bleeds. Try different areas until you figure out where you have less blood vessels. Also ice before and after.


Thanks ladies!!


I just wanted to wish you good luck on your donor embryo cycle! How is the Czech Republic? Did you already have your transfer?


It has been amazing!! DH is from Czech, so we’ve been here 2 weeks. I had my transfer last Friday, and I have a really good feeling about it. Symptoms are starting today, so I’m eager to test. My biggest challenge will be holding onto this pregnancy if it works out. Best of luck to you as well!