LOW AMH cycle of IVF


Hi All,

So I am on my first cycle of IVF. I am 25 and day 6 of my cycle (day 5 of injections) my AMH was only 0.3 ng. Is that terrible? They did not cancel my cycle, which I think my age has something to do with that. I have PCOS and hyperstimulate naturally (60 + follicles), but none of them mature and I do not ovulate. So I have started on 75 ui of Puregon (now increased to 100) and started orgalutran 250 as of day 7 of my cycle (day 6 of injections). Just so unsure what the outcome will be. Please some insight and advice will be greatly appreciated to put my nerves at ease. Thank you.


Following. We are planning IVF in a month or so. As prep, had to have my levels checked and my AMH came back at 0.4. Curious to know what your levels were prior to starting the hormones.