My RE’s office called friday and told me that my AMH was very low at 0.25 and made me an appt me up to come in and discuss options. Everything I have read recommends IVF with the use of donor eggs with a number this low. That is not something I want to do. Does anyone have any info or success stories with a low AMH? I am seriously freaking out. Any input is greatly appreciated.


Take a deep breath. I know hearing about a low AMH can be a scary thing, but there are IVF success stories with women who have lower AMH levels than that. My AMH is a little higher (.5) but not all that much and I just had a successful cycle retrieving 10 mature eggs. They transferred 3 embryos back to me and I even have 1 embie on ice. It can happen with your own eggs, but you should also seek out an RE who specializes in DOR so they will know how to tailor your medication to maximize your chances.


Thanks ladies. I really appreciate you reply.

My 11:11–Where is the AMH board?



Where is the AMH board?[/QUOTE]


Good luck!



I had success with an AMH of .4. I had an AMH of .28 and ended up pregnant again, unfortunately, it was ectopic. I was pushed after my initial AMH of .4 and FSH of 18 by a local clinic towards donor eggs and told it was my best option. I was also referred on to either CCRM or Cornell. Fortunately, I went with CCRM and had a DD of the very next cycle.

There are a lot of success stories with an AMH like yours. If your doc does remember donor eggs, and you do not wish to go this route, I would make sure to get to an RE that is high FSH/low AMH friendly. There are plenty of REs that treat people with your AMH with success.

Before proceeding with IVF, I would also make sure your RE has treated a lot of poor responders. The protocol used makes a huge difference in poor responders.

There is another board with a ton of people with low AMH. It is the network 54 new high FSH board. There is also an associated pregnancy board. If you would like, you can go there for inspiration. It also provides a lot of education regarding different protocols for high FSH or low AMH patients. You could also reach out there for suggestions on low AMH friendly docs.


Hang in there! There are ton of us with AMH at that or lower! I remember getting the news that my AMH was low (0.18) and while we are only on our second IVF, our RE is willing to work with us with my own eggs. You just have to adjust your expectations. For instance, my egg retrievals will only be about 3-4 eggs so I know know not to get upset when I see other results in the 20-40’s because that is not the path that has been chosen for me! :slight_smile: Good luck!


Dear D… wow you had a rock star cycle in January with such low amh. Can you share more details on your protocol?




Good luck!



I just wanted to tell you to not give up hope of using your own eggs! I had an AMH of 0.29 when I was 26. As you can see from my signature, I got pregnant using my own eggs! After my first attempt and having a chemical my RE suggested DE but I switched RE’s and he let me try again and now I am holding my beautiful 6 month old baby girl! It may take longer to get a good egg but I am proof it only takes 1! Find a RE that specializes in DOR and don’t give up. It is a hard journey but it is soooo worth it in the end! Good luck!